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In this article racial capitalism is argued to be a fundamentally ontologizing process. This point is advanced through the central role of labor in the ontological foundations of post-emancipation Caribbean subjectivity. Thus, the structural definition of Caribbean identity can be understood as one defined by racial capitalism’s instrument of labor.

The article demonstrates how scammers, through criminal manipulations of development are able to reconcile longer histories and broader circuits of inequality through contemporary gain, producing a novel sense of postcolonial repair

In this article, I consider the formulation for a decolonized curriculum by assessing what constitutes a 'colonial' education, especially one that is deserving of decolonization.  I suggest a decolonized curriculum draws on diaspora theory and the framework of the Black Radical Tradition.

This article is concerned with the ways in which discourses of rights serve to destabilize indigenous logics when used for gains in the market. It does so through examining a Rastafarian tour group who uses their participation in the tourism market to challenge what they believe are infringed cultural property rights. As a means of commercially defending these rights, the group employs a discourse of indigeneity.

This article explores how participation in cooperatives seeks to accomplish an ideal form of the market through the constitutive ethics of organization and skill development. Through the employment of a rhetoric, which emphasizes the importance of skill development and organization as a means of accomplishment the article shows to what extent cooperative ideologies, or imaginaries, serve to legitimize, console, or even frustrate the economic function of cooperation.

Jamaica craft vendors interpret the competition of fellow vendors as animosity. Understood through the trope “bad-mind,” this article examines an ethnicized framing of the market as a construct through which inferences of citizenship and racial discourses are produced.

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