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May 21              University of Chicago

May 14              Stanford

May 4                London Group of Historical Geography

April 29             UT Austin

April 19              UC Davis
April 2                Syracuse University

March 31           American University

March 24          Columbia University

March 24          University of Sheffield 

March 23          UNC

March 17           Columbia University

March 10          UC Berkeley Social Science Matrix

March 2            UCLA

February 11       UC Berkeley Law

December 2     University of St. Andrews

November 18   Othering and Belonging Institute

October 30     UCSF

October 19       University of Essex

October 14       London School of Economics

October 1         Dartmouth

2020-2021 Talks

Columbia University

Department of Anthropology

Museum of the African Diaspora

Beyond Feathers & Glitter: The Beating Heart of Carnival

University of Pennsylvania

The Penn Wharton China Center, Beijing

Stanford University

Department of Anthropology

University College London

Institute for the Study of the Americas

UC Davis

The Geography Graduate Group

New York University

Institute for Public Knowledge

Museum of the African Diaspora 

Coffee, Rhum, Sugar & Gold: A Postcolonial Paradox

Dartmouth College 

Department of Geography

The British Library

Eccles Summer Scholars Lecture Series


University of Amsterdam

Department of Geography


University of Miami

Department of Anthropology

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